one-of-a-kind handmade glass beads and bespoke silver jewellery by Chellie Purnell

Rainy Day Beads!


Because the weather has been so bad and my hubby has been away all week - guess what I've been doing!! Lots of torch time!! Yay!

 I have been trying out unusual colour combinations that I wouldn't normally choose because Hannah's yellowy/bright beads were top of mind. Here's the first batch that came out of the kiln. 

I attempted Kate's spooky eye, but the one I did wasn't quite 'evil' enough, (she's really hardcore that girl), so I thought I might combine the one I had made with some big hole charm beads to make a Halloween themed set.

It was fun coming up with the names! Here is the whole lot together.

And here are the individual beads...

close up on 'Evil Potion'

Loving the colour in this silver wire droplet bead 

 Here's a closer look at the spooky eye. It's quite fun as the pendant is just plain from the back so it could be quite innocent looking, and then, when you turn it round, the eye is looking at you!

It's been great getting all my purple glass out! I made this pendant (mainly with Jess in mind).  I used as many different purply colours as I could on one bead! The front is pretty different to the back too, so you have two choices how to wear.

side 1

side 2

Lastly, I have a little sweet whirly big hole bead. No silver in it yet. It reminds me of the movement of leaves in the Autumn wind.  I really love the swirlyness (if that's a word).

God, my nails need some tlc...DON'T look at the bad nails...JUST look at the BEAD! (Now you're really noticing the nails aren't you??).

Some of this lot along with a couple of 'Rockpool' pendants (which were in last post) will be making their way to the shop soon!

Catch you later xxx

New Directions!

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Am very pleased that the shop on Etsy has been doing great. I got a lovely email from a really happy customer yesterday. It was great to get some lovely feedback!

I had a good couple of sessions at torch the other day. Here is me having some fun... (no, no, I mean working VERY, VERY HARD!!). Creative juices flowing and all that!

I think I've been getting quite a bit of inspiration from sea creatures and rock pools lately.....

...because I have been churning out these little beauties. Well not so little actually as they measure about 4.5 cm in diameter !

I think this style will be called  'Rockpool'. I like doing them as you get lots and lots of freedom to just 'make'. There are no constraints. Let me know what you think. All feedback gratefully received.

This amazing chiffon ribbon (hand-dyed) was purchased from Diane Turton who has a shop on Etsy. It's really lush!

Also been doing some pretty little bubbly silver glass big hole charm beads which are quite sweet. Sorry about picture it's a bit grainy

So overall, the stock is growing ready for another jewellery making and photography session soon. I'll be picking the best ones ready for sale.

Also a few commissions have been keeping me busy. I've chosen a set of proposed colours for Charlotte's Over the Rainbow Beads. (we'll talk about them tomorrow Charlotte.)

Jessie's pendant options have been coming on: So far Jess I have done two possibles for you, but I wanted to try another colourway, and let you choose out of three options. These are the two so far:

smooth blue, purple, green (side 1)

smooth blue, purple, green (side 2)

Bobbly blue, white and turquoise (side 1)

Bobbly blue, white and turquoise (side 2)

I'll add the other option here when I've made it and then put the one you would like up for sale on Etsy and reserve it for you.

Mandy: I haven't even thought about yours yet but I will start the 'safari selection' soon.. promise!

Hannah's yellow and turquoise Pandora set are tricky because of colour combinations. When I have conquered them, will put them on here to view and see if its what you are looking for.

Kate has asked me to do an 'eye' bead pendant which I have to say I find a bit freaky, but will have a go. I don't really want it looking at me (even when I am working on it!!).

Here we come Etsy!

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Right then. 

Had good old fun playing with the camera tonight! DH was roped in as I was struggling with the white balance in the shots and getting more than a little frustrated - (thanks hon). Later on after lots of fiddling, just using the auto white balance setting thingy seemed to yield pretty good results so we went with that.

Me thinks there is still more work to be done though, (as looking at the pictures here, the backgrounds look a bit pink). Oh well... never mind for now.

Here are the first bits that will go onto Etsy. They are both (sort of) commissions, but I should be able to do something similar for other people if there is demand! (Hee Hee).

The first is a scarlet and black poppy pendant and matching earrings in a wonderful maraschino cherry colour that I think Gennie has her eye on! What do you think Gen, do you like the look of them?

 And... these little rainbow pretties I have 'ear-marked' for Karen. Maybe I took a few too many piccies? Well, I got a bit carried away once the camera started behaving.

She wanted a rainbow set with dots, so hopefully these will fit the bill!

More to follow tomorrow if I get a chance to get to the camera again, but kids have friends over so not sure that will happen. See you soon x

PS. Thanks to boys who put up with a sandwich and beans on toast respectively, because I was too caught up with photography to make a proper dinner!

Blog has Begun

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Wow, first blog.
Been trying to sort my first stock for kitting out the Etsy shop. Bit nervous but....
Got logo, beginning to get few nice sparkly bits ready so only a matter of time.

Did a couple of sets of beads at the weekend. Black and white and turquoise Very summery!!
But while I'm at it I thought I would put in a couple of sets of beads that I am most proud of. The first two pictures are of a set I did for my friend Mandy's birthday.

 And this one is a set of silver glass rainbow beads, that I have to say I kept for myself because I just couldn't let them go!
Once I get a handle on this blogging lark I will get my latest 'wares' on here.