one-of-a-kind handmade glass beads and bespoke silver jewellery by Chellie Purnell’s about creating something wearable and comfortable and something that makes you feel just a little bit special every time you wear it
— Chellie

In the beginning..

I have been an artist and jewellery maker for many years but I have specifically been making glass beads since Christmas 2012. 

One bitterly cold day, I met a very nice lady at an Artisan Fair who had a glass bead and jewellery stall. I remember my excitement when I discovered that she had actually made all of the beads on it herself!

Just minutes after my chat with the lady at the fair, I announced to my family that I was going to start a new hobby, making beads out of glass! I was to be a lampworker! I think they thought I'd lost the plot a bit, (they were probably right), it was impulsive of me, but there was no way of stopping it; the roller coaster was already in motion.

The idea of being able to create the exact colour, texture and size of beads I wanted for my creations intoxicated me, and the thought of being able to design and make my own unique charm beads clinched the whole plan. I was off! 

My torch, tools and first delivery of glass rods arrived a few weeks later and my journey had begun...

Bespoke Work

One of the most exciting and interesting parts of my work has to be getting in touch with people and creating one-off custom made pieces especially for them.

They either come to me in person and we have a chat in the studio over a coffee, or via email, or even via text/messaging in some cases! I might gather pictures, go out with my camera and find ideas. Examples of projects I have done in this way can be found in the Blog section.

I love getting beneath the surface of what each person really wants and desires, and then setting to work to create something that brings those special ideas to life. To bring a little bit of joy and excitement to my customers is the best feeling in the world! More about my commission work can be found in the Bespoke section.

I am a member of the GBUK which is the Society for Glass Beadmakers in the UK and I am a Self Representing Artist (SRA). These groups believe in annealing their work properly and making and finishing them to a high standard to make sure that customer satisfaction is achieved.

Glass to Silver-smithing...

More recently I have moved into silver-smithing too, which means my jewellery can be more unique than ever and I also have much more freedom to create items made from glass, silver and glass, and items made purely from solid sterling silver.

It's great now because I have the chance to create my stuff without constraint. I can determine shape, colour, texture and material. 

Each day something different might inspire and excite. I am fascinated by natural flora and fauna like flowers, leaves and insects, I love looking at water and the way it moves, rocks and sea life as well as mythical creatures and legend. Creativity can come from anywhere.

The only limit is the imagination! 


...getting customer feedback like this is what it's all about for me...

Enchanted Forest Charm Bead - 2016

Enchanted Forest Charm Bead - 2016

...It’s an enchanted forest that sparkles, what more could one want?...
Such a fan. See my other reviews for more ranting and raving about ‘Chellie’s work and creativity - her commissions in particular are a joy...
— Kay McLeod