one-of-a-kind handmade glass beads and bespoke silver jewellery by Chellie Purnell

Endless Ocean...

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Glass and water, water and glass.., a mouthwatering combo any day of the week...

Waterworld....Do you remember that film?

Do you remember that AMAZING blue of the sea, and even better, soooo much sea going on for miles and miles? I know the film itself might be a bit cheesy but I really liked it (is that bad?) and these beads I'm going to show you remind me of that endless ocean feeling that you get from that film!

Ooh and better mention.... these aren't sold yet, so if anyone likes the look of them then they will be coming on to the Etsy shop soon.

OK. So this first bead is made with reactive silvered glass and then has a collage of layered colour on top to bring depth to it. (I really liked this one while I was making it and knew it would be pretty in the end when it came out of the kiln).

side view showing the greenier bits

side view showing the pretty star-shape made with the layers of watery glass colours

other side view showing the bluier bits

So bead number two is also made with silvered glass but a different type. We are more in the shallows and rock pools again (you know how I love a good rock pool)!!!

this bead has a ring of bubbles just on the one side

And lastly we are back in deeper waters. There is a bit more turbulence here and you might think you see something green and glowing but the next time you look from a different angle it feels like its gone! 

The bubbles of air alternate around this bead creating movement in the glass under the surface!

light shining straight through the bead

the waters are still again..

Here are all three beads together as they might appear on a bracelet...

That's all for now folks. Better get back in that workshop.... xx