one-of-a-kind handmade glass beads and bespoke silver jewellery by Chellie Purnell

Easter Eggs and Playtime beads!

Chellie Purnell

Sugar and spice and all things nice. This charm bead set is frivolous and fun. Spring has sprung! The Easter bunny's hopping about and all is right with the world!

I've been having a lot of fun with tricksy colour combinations and unusual designs. It actually started with this flamingo jumper.

I decided to use the colour theme as the palette and see what happened.

There was a kind of sea foam greeny blue, a rich yellow, a candy pink, a lilac, a more puce pink and a tiny hint of grass green here and there.

It all started with this motif on a jumper...

It all started with this motif on a jumper...

I wanted them to look like candy or jelly beans and even did one with twirled candy stripes! Coming up to Easter they seem quite fitting!

Many thanks for reading my blog xx