one-of-a-kind handmade glass beads and bespoke silver jewellery by Chellie Purnell

New Dragonfly Pendants


I have always loved dragonflies and I wanted to use them as an icon for my glass work as they stand for lightness, elegance, freshness and colour which are the kinds of values I want to imbue in my glass.

Meadowhawk was perfect as a brand name for my company. I loved the sound and connotations of the word 'Meadowhawk' on it's own. It's all about naturalness and the countryside and outdoors but more importantly a meadowhawk is a kind of dragonfly. We call them 'Darters' here n the UK.

For ages I have been working on a little side-project which is to get a nice design for a dragonfly pendant. Here's where I have got to so far....

Here is my workspace set up for dragonfly making...

Here are my dragonfly colours and tools...

First all I have to make a selection of wings.

Sometimes I make them totally clear, other times they have wispy bits of black in them and other transparent glass colours to suggest the little veins in the wings of a real dragonfly.

They don't look much like wings yet do they? Hee Hee!

This little guy has a bit of a stubby tail I think. But he's still cute

This one is the middle size one in the family. I like the way the metallic glass on his back has fumed onto the blue glass making a hazy green metallic effect....

 This one is a bit bigger and looks rather elegant on:

I hope you enjoyed my dragonflies. More coming soon xxx