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Remembering Polis Bay...

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While we were in Greece last summer we had two fantastic sailing guides Mihai and Monika. They shared with us their favourite place 'Ormos Polis' which is one of the most tiny and beautiful coves in the Ionian.

This has got to be our favourite place in the whole of the Ionian

Beautiful crystal green water , coupled with all kinds of sea life, pools and little caves made it a magical place to spend a wonderful couple of days.

I promised back then to make Monika a special bead that would remind her of Polis Bay forever. Well finally I am about to send it off to her. I hope she likes it.

It was important to get that lovely sea green colour right, and I must admit I did not get it right first time!!

I started with a core of ivory glass for the rocks and then used layers of transparent green and blue glass to build up the feeling of the deeper water. I used some fine silver foil to bring the reflective quality of the water to the bead and then worked on  the details of the colour changes as the water becomes shallower towards the shore.

The final bead on it's way to Greece!

The final bead on it's way to Greece!

The last picture is of Tommy having a final chill before we jumped back on the boat to go off to the next destination!

Could do with a bit of that sunshine today in England, bloomin' freezing right now!

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