one-of-a-kind handmade glass beads and bespoke silver jewellery by Chellie Purnell


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This lovely set has just been finished.

The brief was for a calm watery set with a colour theme of teal and aqua.

I wanted to create a set of beads with lots of texture but retain the flow and quality of water that would lend to the set a sense of tranquility.

They are called 'Lotus' because they remind me of the lotus yoga position which can be used for meditation and relaxation. I imagine someone completely serene and peaceful sitting, maybe on a warm airy beach with the sun going down.  (Not me though; ...anyone who knows me will know that me getting to that beach in that kind of chilled out state is about as likely as seeing an elephant on a tightrope on Maidenhead High Street.

Anyway, moving on... the set of beads is all about serenity and peace. Maybe they will transmit those vibes to their new owner... I hope so.....

Here are some close ups of the set. The nearest bead to the camera is a mix of teal and aqua glass with a wrap of reflective 'oil on water'  silver colour changing glass around it.

 This one is a light teal pure and clear bead with little fine silver droplets.

This one is more organic in feel. It has little silvered ivory petals inside a light teal encasement.

I was really happy about this one. It's very simple and has lovely clarity. It has a teal centre with a twilight blue layer over the top. It has a very interesting and unexpected effect when the light shines through it as the colours are perceived differently from different angles.

These last two pictures show the whole set of six beads on a bracelet with some silvers to set them off.

I like the light and shade in the set and the texture that I ended up with.The mix across the colours turned out great from greeny/teal to twilight grey/blue.

I hope my fabulous friend likes them...