one-of-a-kind handmade glass beads and bespoke silver jewellery by Chellie Purnell

Flutterby Beads!


A little bird mentioned to me the other day "have you tried to make a butterfly or a dragonfly yet?". Well of course that got me thinking... No, but I'd love to have a go!.. So I got all my green, aqua and purply pink glass out and had a little go at some butterfly type beads. This is the result of the first attempts yesterday afternoon.

This one is a reasonable size at 4.3cm at it's widest part and 3cm tall. I love the way he turned out! He looks particularly nice when the sunlight catches him!

This little guy is much smaller. (DH says he is more of a moth than a butterfly but I still love him.) He will look cute made into a pendant with some lovely sterling silver findings. He is 3cm wide and 2.3cm high.

This little ultra-violet number is very simple and elegant looking. When I was making it Mandy was over for a coffee and told me not to pimp it up, and add dots or other details, but leave it plain. The lines on it are so pretty, I'm glad I did leave it. I think it will be just fine without loads of fuss. Thanks Mandy.

Obviously..later I went back to fiddling as you can see with this little rectangular pendant piece. The inner core is dark periwinkle covered with a mixture of blues and purple transparent with a bit of silver reactive glass thrown in for good measure. Not to forget it's amethyst 'gills' which I am loving making. This pendant is 2.8 tall by 2.1cm wide.

Then I carried on fiddling and using tweezers and scissors to my heart's content, poking and prodding the glass around till I got the shape I wanted. This one goes back to the 'rock pool' ones I was making the other day. It looks like an exotic shell or something that you would find in some warm tropical waters somewhere... well that's my little dream in my own head anyway. It's 3.7cm by 3.2cm.

This is the same sort of thing in a really gentle purple and sea blue. But it has more substance to it's middle and less 'gill' action It's overall size is 4.0cm by 3.3cm tall.

Here's the full lot that I made during this session. The eye one deserves a little blog all of its own (which will be coming soon!)

Take care guys, see you soon xx