one-of-a-kind handmade glass beads and bespoke silver jewellery by Chellie Purnell

Who's been a busy little elf? Last orders for Santa's Sleigh...

Hi all, I've got a beer by my side already this time so all set up to write the blog! 
(It is Christmas after all ;-))


The SAFARI beads are done!! Yay! I am sooooo happy with the outcome!

Been playing around with techniques for this set for a good while now, and I am very happy to say that I am finally satisfied with the results. 

(I went to town, somewhat with the photos so sorry if there are a few two many for your liking!)

This one is a TIGER BEAD pendant for a very special lady who likes her big cats!. It is strung onto waxed cotton and has pure sterling silver clasps and fitments. It's a lovely bauble shape. 
I hope she likes it.

These are the set of big hole beads for her charm bracelet. There are three tiger style beads each with their own very distinct, individual markings and two amber complementary beads which help give texture and separate them out a bit. One has a load of little bobbles in three different colour amber glass shades, and the other bead is a darker amber hue with little disc shaped cog-like bobbles going all the way round. I think that as the set of five they really hang together well.

On a bracelet they just look amazing. I was a bit 'mouth-watery' while I was taking these piccies, it was quite sad to see them go out the door really.... but I have to remember... business is business!!


Black and white is always a winner. It always looks so clean and fresh and elegant. I have been making a few little black and white pieces recently. Here's the first:

The set consists of a sweet little pair of earnings and a charm bracelet bead to match. 

The next set is a charm bead group of five. These always look so cute on a silver bracelet and the monochrome thing means that they will go with absolutely anything you are wearing and always look so pristine!


I had a lot of interest in the purple paradise set shown in the last blog. So have been making more of that type. I have two bobbly ones (1,4) and three smooth ones. I have used some great colour changing glass laden with silver. Number 4 is actually quite metallic to look at with the naked eye, but this effect doesn't come out too well in the photographs.

Here is a close up of the number 4 one.
You can see the mirror like bobbles a little better on this one.

This one is really lush up close. The purple is really electric!

This pendant below, was made for a very special and wonderful, inspirational lady; my Mum! My Mum has a very serious weakness for all things purple, so I have made this silvered reduction glass pendant for her for Christmas! It is a really delicate cylindrical shape. It's about 2.5cm high and about 1cm wide. It has little iris purply/blue swirls on it and the base glass is an inky blue transparent purple too.


These little beauties are also made with silver glass, but treated to a different heating and cooling technique. I'm so pleased with the way they have turned out. They shine up so great in the light.

These finally, are some little earrings I made with a very light shade of pink, lilac, clear and white. I love the way the light moves through the baby clear glass beads. They look so gentle and delicate!

Not sure I will get another one in before Christmas, so if I don't, have a really lovely holiday. I will try to get plenty of torch time in so I can stock the shop up in the New Year! Loads of love, Chellie xx