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Here we come Etsy!

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Right then. 

Had good old fun playing with the camera tonight! DH was roped in as I was struggling with the white balance in the shots and getting more than a little frustrated - (thanks hon). Later on after lots of fiddling, just using the auto white balance setting thingy seemed to yield pretty good results so we went with that.

Me thinks there is still more work to be done though, (as looking at the pictures here, the backgrounds look a bit pink). Oh well... never mind for now.

Here are the first bits that will go onto Etsy. They are both (sort of) commissions, but I should be able to do something similar for other people if there is demand! (Hee Hee).

The first is a scarlet and black poppy pendant and matching earrings in a wonderful maraschino cherry colour that I think Gennie has her eye on! What do you think Gen, do you like the look of them?

 And... these little rainbow pretties I have 'ear-marked' for Karen. Maybe I took a few too many piccies? Well, I got a bit carried away once the camera started behaving.

She wanted a rainbow set with dots, so hopefully these will fit the bill!

More to follow tomorrow if I get a chance to get to the camera again, but kids have friends over so not sure that will happen. See you soon x

PS. Thanks to boys who put up with a sandwich and beans on toast respectively, because I was too caught up with photography to make a proper dinner!