one-of-a-kind handmade glass beads and bespoke silver jewellery by Chellie Purnell

New Directions!

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Am very pleased that the shop on Etsy has been doing great. I got a lovely email from a really happy customer yesterday. It was great to get some lovely feedback!

I had a good couple of sessions at torch the other day. Here is me having some fun... (no, no, I mean working VERY, VERY HARD!!). Creative juices flowing and all that!

I think I've been getting quite a bit of inspiration from sea creatures and rock pools lately.....

...because I have been churning out these little beauties. Well not so little actually as they measure about 4.5 cm in diameter !

I think this style will be called  'Rockpool'. I like doing them as you get lots and lots of freedom to just 'make'. There are no constraints. Let me know what you think. All feedback gratefully received.

This amazing chiffon ribbon (hand-dyed) was purchased from Diane Turton who has a shop on Etsy. It's really lush!

Also been doing some pretty little bubbly silver glass big hole charm beads which are quite sweet. Sorry about picture it's a bit grainy

So overall, the stock is growing ready for another jewellery making and photography session soon. I'll be picking the best ones ready for sale.

Also a few commissions have been keeping me busy. I've chosen a set of proposed colours for Charlotte's Over the Rainbow Beads. (we'll talk about them tomorrow Charlotte.)

Jessie's pendant options have been coming on: So far Jess I have done two possibles for you, but I wanted to try another colourway, and let you choose out of three options. These are the two so far:

smooth blue, purple, green (side 1)

smooth blue, purple, green (side 2)

Bobbly blue, white and turquoise (side 1)

Bobbly blue, white and turquoise (side 2)

I'll add the other option here when I've made it and then put the one you would like up for sale on Etsy and reserve it for you.

Mandy: I haven't even thought about yours yet but I will start the 'safari selection' soon.. promise!

Hannah's yellow and turquoise Pandora set are tricky because of colour combinations. When I have conquered them, will put them on here to view and see if its what you are looking for.

Kate has asked me to do an 'eye' bead pendant which I have to say I find a bit freaky, but will have a go. I don't really want it looking at me (even when I am working on it!!).