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I have my eye on you!

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As you might have read the other day, one of my trickier customers... (yes Kate, it's you!) asked me to make her a spooky eye pendant.

Mmmm. it's trickier than you might think. Especially when the iterations you make are just not 'evil' enough! Here we have three of my goes at it. I don't think any of them look particularly evil but I have really enjoyed making the little critters!

This is my second go. This one is definitely more 'orc-like' and grotesque looking but still wasn't right. Mrs Pinickity says still no good!

By now I'd got a bit fed up with trying for EVIL!!! So I just started having a play with eyes which was much less stressful....

Now this one I love!

I'm going to call her a Schmoo! She is the founding member of a little alien race of critters that have come to earth to make us smile!! Her name is Viola and her eye is so cute!

She is of course NOT evil at all!! She is made with an ultra-violet (quite substantial) body 1.5cm thick (not counting the protruding eye) with a lovely delicate amethyst frilly bit on either side. She is 3.4cm by 3.7cm wide.

The eye is really deep and swirly. I love it!

She has a knobbly back (like every good alien being should have) that has the same blue that I used in the eye.

Here is a sort of side-on view that shows the depth of Viola's eye. She really sparkles in the sunshine!

I hope to make a few more of these in the coming weeks. I'm not sure whether they will be popular to sell or not, I can tell you my DH absolutely hates them and says they are just too freaky and weird, but they are certainly good fun to make and look at afterwards. Take care everyone!  xx