one-of-a-kind handmade glass beads and bespoke silver jewellery by Chellie Purnell

Colour Combining - Purples and Teals!

Hi Guys,

Long time no see.
I have had lots of fun over the last few days!!. This time got lots of different Pandora/Troll style beads in purples and teals.

One of my lovely customers has asked me for some beads to fit her Pandora bracelet in a combination of purple and teal.

Well, there are lots of purples to choose from, so I have been on a colour adventure experimenting with different ones and using them in different ways to see what designs I can come up with.

The first colour combo is a sort of purply/blue mauve.

The one of the left is a reverse of the one shown on it's own above.
 The teal almost looks aqua because it has a white dot behind it.

This one has an interesting basket weave sort of pattern.

I really like this combination. It has a lightness and a freshness about it as well as a richness that comes from the purple. 

(Most of these pictures have been taken before the silver cores have been fitted and apologies for photo quality. They have been taken with the iPhone 'quick and snappy-like' so they don't really do the beads justice.)

purply, bluey, mauve combo

The next set pictured below are made with the second purple which is darker and more of a plum like purple. They really look vibrant in natural light and the teal somehow looks lighter because of the contrast I think.

Second set made with a more deep plum/wine
coloured purple
spaced out a bit to see the detail

The two pictures below on the leaves show the different ones in more detail.
From top left to bottom right:
1. Concentric petal rings
2. Narrow twisty
3. Game of two halves
4. Mirror Lotus
5. Shaded triangles
6. Ribbon Twist

From top left to bottom right:
7. Silver thread
8. Tortoise Shell
9.Teal on Purple ZigZag
10. Purple on Teal Zig Zag
11. Opaque Core Zig Zag

(12. Ripple Pools) 
 This one I absolutely love. I think it looks even more pretty in real life! 
The colours look like ripples in little pools. Cute!
Ripple pools (12) from the side. 

13. Whirlpool 

Whirlpool (13) from the side

The next set is going to be made with a deeper purple again
 which is more of a deep violet kind of purple.
 I'm hoping to make them tomorrow (or maybe the next day) xx